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Gasoline Engine Safety Tips

There are five key areas you need to know about basic engine care, in order to keep any engine running smoothly.


Check oil regularly. Add oil as needed.


Change oil after first 5 hours of use, then after every 50 hours or at the beginning of the season

Air Filter

Change air filters at least every 3 months or 25 hours of use.


Always use original Yangtze air filters to assure optimum performance and maximum protection for your engine.


Keep cutting blade professionally sharpened.


Do not leave the blades engaged on riding mowers or tractors while mower is stopped. This stretches the belt and decreases the belt life.


Use FRESH fuel in a clean, approved container.


Keep fuel fresh year round with Yangtze Fuel Stabilizer Plus gasoline additive to prevent gum deposits in fuel system parts

Cleaning Clogged Deck

With the spark plug lead removed from the engine, use a garden hose to wash away any residual grass clippings.


Once the majority of the grass clippings have been removed, it will be easier to identify a clump of grass that may be interfering with blade motion.


Using a wooden stick or other implement other than your hands and feet, remove the offending material and wash the deck thoroughly

Other Tips

Keep dirt and debris off the engine to avoid overheating.


Regularly check to be sure all nuts and bolts are tight.


An experienced service technician should give your mower a seasonal tune-up, and safety and maintenance inspection.


Always store equipment in sheltered area to prevent water in fuel and rust on the frame.

Gasoline Generator Safety Tips

Portable generators are useful as back up power during an emergency or as a power source where electricity is not available. For safe operations always read and follow the manufacturer’s operating manual and instructions before running a generator and pay close attention to safety considerations.

Use fresh gas in your generator. If you do not plan to use your generator in 30 days, stabilize the gas with fuel stabilizer.

Gasoline and its vapors are extremely flammable, allow engine to cool at least 2 minutes before refueling.

Maintain your generator according to the maintenance schedule for peak performance and safety.

Coiled cords can get HOT, always uncoil cords and lay them in flat open locations.

Gasoline Water Pump Safety Tips

When you need to transfer water for construction or maintenance projects, a water pump will do the job. Yangtze engines are used in gas-powered water-transfer pumps for home and industrial use.

Ensure the pressure safety-valve ring is properly operating.

Moisture can condense in a unit, so it is extremely important to drain the tank after each days use. If left in the tank, moisture could cause rust and weaken the tank.

Energy-efficient motors can cut energy use by at least 12%.

The most energy-efficient motors are equipped with controllers and variable speed drives to help the motors match output with the energy necessary for the task.








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